WooHoo 2.0 Giant Inflatable Lounger Chair with Carry Bag. Inflates in Seconds. Hangout as Lounge Chair, Bean Bag, Air Hammock, Sofa, Couch, Air Bag. NEW MODEL PATENT PENDING-Purple Chair

December 24, 2016 - Comment


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AmazonPrimeShoppingAddict says:

Helpful Tips and Warnings for the WooHoo 2.0 YaaHoo for WooHoo this inflatable lounger is SOOOO comfortable. Helpful secret- when filling the first time carefully spread apart the plastic inside. You have to pretend it’s a large snake and you have to open the snakes mouth and elbow your way out the other side without actually crawling inside (risk of suffocation) USE YOUR ARMS ONLY to work your way thru the whole thing to get the plastic sleeve to separate so air can eventually fill the chamber.. The plastic sticks to itself when you…

Ninjaguru says:

Highly Recommended from Amazon Customer I purchased 4 different air loungers at the same price point. And this was by far the best of the bunch. Both myself (at 6’3″) and my kids (around 5′) felt the the “canoe” style ones were a little too unstable and you constantly had to focus on balancing yourself (we preferred the wedge design). This was the largest of the 4 we tried and I think you will want the larger one as you may not be able to air these up all the way and need to do a few extra folds. So having the extra…

LrD says:

I love this inflatable lounger and would definitely reccomend it I love this inflatable lounger and would definitely reccomend it! I ended up leaving it inflated in my room and I lay on it when I’m binge watching netflix 😅. It holds air for hours without noticeably deflating, and its relatvely wide which helps immensely when sharing it with friends. The only issue I’ve had so far is inflating it, and that’s been completely minor for me. When I first got it the plastic lining on the inside was stuck together and I ending up climbing fully inside of it…

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