wall26 Removable Wall Sticker/Wall Mural – Silhoutte of a Hammock Between Two Palm Trees in Sunset | Creative Window View Home Decor/Wall Decor – 24″x32″

May 13, 2018 - Comment

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Product made in USA with fast shipping. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Moondoggie 72512 says:

Beautiful colors and strong material. I really liked the way it looked and the material was strong. It didn’t stay up on my textured walls so I bought a cardboard display board like we used to use for science and history day projects in school. It stuck to the cardboard very well so I suspect if my walls were not textured it would have worked fine. I just tacked the board to the wall and it looked great.

Gamer says:

Awesome and easy to put up It’s pretty awesome. Took me about 7mins to put this up.I put it in the guest room in my apt, looks niceHere is how i did mine.I used a level, to make sure it’s straight. I mark the edges on the wall and that part was done.Then i used a tape to anchor the left side of the poster against the wall, then i started peeling off the back of the poster from the right side all the way to the middle, then i tore off the back covering the seal. From there i paste it ( right side )…

Amazon Customer says:

Great product Looks great and does exactly what I needed it to. My kitchen sink is on an interior wall so we wanted a “window” to look through.

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