Tree Swing Hanging Strap by TigerKit – One 5 Ft long Hanger w Orange Screw Lock Carabiner Accessories Hook – Supports 1000 lbs , Waterproof Belt Kid Swings Web Straps for Hammock Tire Saucer Disc

October 14, 2016 - Comment
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Very Strong! Not being an outdoorsy type of person, I can tell you that I definitely did not get this tree strap for myself. To tell you the truth, the only reason I really got it was because I have a hammock swing, also not my own, that needed to be hung up and frames for them are ridiculously expensive. However, I was very happy to receive it. The tree straps I looked at in the stores around where I live certainly did not look nearly as strong as this one. I won’t have to be worried about this strap…

AggieFan378 says:

Easy and secure way to hang a tire swing without worrying it will fall when 5 kids get on it at once. At my in-laws house on holidays the children in the family have nothing to do. There are no toys, no swing sets, nothing that little ones can get into. We have been talking about putting up a tire swing, regular swing set for children, some picnic tables and a play yard for them. This will be used to hang up a tire swing like back in the old days, except we know this one will hold the weight and not break the minute 5 kids get on it at once. This is make to support 1000 pounds. The strap is 5…

Robin Keller says:

Heavy duty and simple to use Length:: 2:41 Mins 

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