LIU JI Hammock with bed net for indoor outdoor swing camping camping air hammock double hammock (green)

May 21, 2018 - Comment
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JustSaying says:

Best hammock for the price. Large, comfortable and cool against the skin. The material feels very silky and is good quality. If you are a big person, there is enough material in this to wrap all the way around you. I’ve used this for months on end with both straps and 550 cord and it never lets me down. If you are thinking of using this for camping, be sure to use a foam matt or under quilt beneath it or you WILL get cold, even on a summer night. This is true of all hammocks. Also, be sure to use a neck pillow and…

ImJustAGuy says:

Light and durable, worth every penny. This hammock is great for a single person, especially when it’s cold. I stayed out on a night that got into the low thirties with a winter bag and a foam mat, wrapped the colored sides around over top and stayed nice and toasty all night despite the wind. I would recommend getting atlas straps and the ProFly rain tarp for it as well.Earlier today, I draped it over a banister to dry for a bit and my cat got a hold of it. Held up by an exposed nail that punctured the fabric, the cat…

Michael Bragg says:

Best hammock I have ever used. Durable comfortable and it almost fits in my pocket. the pouch it fits in was very irritating to have it attached to the middle the strap and buckle attached to the bottom of it bumps you when you swing but it came off clean and easily with an exact o knife and can still use the pouch. I still don’t understand what the plastic buckle on the pouch is even for though. also keep this thing clear of any source of heat! don’t smoke near it don’t even light incense within range of it. You will have…

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