Algoma 1500-135142 Hanging Soft Cushion Chair, Palm Stripe Blue

October 20, 2014 - Comment

Algoma Soft Comfort Cushion Hanging Chair.

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Algoma Soft Comfort Cushion Hanging Chair.


Orion "Orion" says:

Nice Swing! I don’t just hand out five stars, but this deserves the rating. The swing looks great and performs superbly. I was worried that it might spin about at the swivel, but it does not unless you force it to do so (my son loves that). I’m only unsure about the durability as I’ve only had this swing for a couple of months; only time will tell…

T. M. Burns says:

It was stolen I gave this chair 5 stars from the limited time I was able to use it – about 2 hours. My wife came home sat in it and that was all she wrote. My chair was gone, to a far far better person. 

Jannie Marie says:

Sooooooooooooo relaxing Love this chair!! Highly recommended. Hardware comes with it, no need to purchase it separately. Works perfectly with Algoma stand.

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